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High adventure fills the lives of American and Dutch fighting men in the opening months of the Pacific War. Brave women share their dangers and their love while empires crumble.

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Exhilarated by savaging the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, The Japanese Navy moves quickly to seize the rich mineral resources of Malaya and the Dutch East Indies.

Two U.S. Asiatic Fleet lieutenants join the unequal struggle on the sea and in the air. Frank Rhea flies a floatplane off the old cruiser, U.S.S. Marblehead: scouting, spotting fall of gunshot, and attacking submarines. Jack Sewell commands the Gunnery Department of an equally ancient World War I destroyer: directing gun and torpedo attacks against warships and aircraft.

Hold Back the Sun is laced with surface, aerial, and ground combat, scorched earth actions by the Dutch to deny their oil riches to Japan, accelerated wartime romance, and heroic efforts to save wounded sailors from the Japanese.

Chapter Scene:

Chapter Scene:


Salon Kitty
11 Giesebrechtstrasse
Berlin, Germany
21 July 1941


Chapter Scene:

Above the Hawaiian Islands
8 August 1941

Skies Above the Northern California Coastline
7 August 1941


Warren Bell began writing fiction as a teenager, and is now the historical fiction author of the Award Winning novel Fall Eagle One and the Best Selling novel Hold Back the Sun, both about WWII. His third novel, Asphalt and Blood is set among the Seabees in Vietnam. His fourth novel, Snowflakes in July, is a military suspense thriller taking place in the turbulent 1970s. His 29-years as a naval officer exposed him to many opportunities for ideas for writing his military and historical fiction.

Warren Bell


  • I was happy with all the action. It kept me spellbound. This was great history telling a sad time of all the lives Lost.

    Cecil Peterman
  • Mr. Bell catches every nuance one can imagine: fear, hope, love, loss, redemption, retaliation, hate, brutality. It’s all there and expertly twined together.

    Jeff Dawson
  • I have read over 200 books in 3 years and this is amongst one of the absolute best I have read. The information regarding the Japanese attack is breath taking and the story woven thru captures the imagination fiercely.

    Malcolm Sullivan
  • I thought it was a well written book, I looked forward to reading every chapter forth coming. Plenty of suspense to keep you interested and a lot of unknowns that appeared at the end of the last chapter.

    Ronald Melchior
  • Hold Back the Sun is a wonderful novel about a time and place that gets somewhat neglected by the historical fiction that deals with WW2. The Pacific war gets covered vastly as far as the American and the British vs Japanese forces are concerned. But what about the Dutch?

    Zoe Saadia
  • The story pulls no punches in telling of the MANY errors made by political and military leaders before and during the early days of WW II. It tells of the valor of many famous ships and people using interesting fictional characters.

    Kent Nelson
  • A superb WWII novel that I simply could not put down. focuses upon the old 4-stacker destroyers, and combined forces of Australia, The Dutch, England, and the United States who bravely were the "first responders" to ward off the Japanese war machine shortly after Pearl Harbor.

    Joseph R. Calamia
  • This is a fascinating book that all WWII enthusiast ought to read. Warren Bell, expertly blends historical facts and personalities with the tales of his life-like heroes. Highly recommended!

    Nikolas Triandafillou